The VDUBS are one of the tightest Rock covers band out of Newcastle Australia. Their sound is unmistakably similar to the artists they cover and described as a 3 piece powerhouse combined with tight vocal harmonies.

Their musical performance coupled with there stage theatrics will have you on your feet and joining the ride with not an ounce of sweat left at the end of the night. Its all about kicking the proverbial they say. The VDUBS believe if you are not totally spent by the end of the show they haven't done their job.

Covering artists from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today they have a repertoire to suit all ages and occasions. The VDUBS tour with a full P.A and lighting show that can cater for any size venue or event.


Richard Boyle


Tony Hannah

Bass/Backing Vocals

Kyle Hartcher